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SAFE specialises in the trade and installation of LED lighting. LED Lighting can dramatically lower your electrical consumption and decrease your carbon footprint.

We have a large range of LED products to match most requirements and a team of fully qualified electricians to professionally install your lighting nationwide.

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Initially, we will carry out a free electrical cost-cutting survey on your premises and supply a costing report that will help you to decide if LEDs would be significantly more energy-efficient than your existing lighting.

In general, we find LEDs to be around 90% more efficient than most halogen lights, this can reduce your electricity bills significantly.

Why LED may be suitable for you or your organisation

S.A.F.E recommends LED lighting over conventional lighting for a number of reasons:

LED Commercial lighting
  • Energy Savings - LED lamps are at least 10 times more efficient than incandescent lighting and 65% more efficient than fluorescent tubes. These efficiencies can be turned into energy saving are particularly amplified when LED is used for outdoor lighting purposes.

  • Light Quality - LED lighting quality is crisper and clearer than conventional lighting. As there are no warming up periods, simply switching an LED light on brings immediate light. When used in the context of exterior lighting for pathways and steps, this would result in improved safety conditions

  • Life Expectancy - Standard lamps have a typical life of 1000 to 3000 hours continuous use, LED lamps have a life span of greater than 50000 hours, some types up to 100,000 hours of continuous use. This gives massive savings on maintenance and replacements costs. Lighting that is hard to reach such as high level building frontages and tree lighting both involve expensive access equipment; using LED would minimise the nuisance of this.

  • With the Government having already committed to a reduction of 34% in greenhouse gas emissions by 2020, now is the time to make use of incentives available to aid companies in procuring replacement low-energy equipment. Where appropriate, we will work with you in identifying and accessing interest free loans, and tax breaks.

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