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SAFE's Security Division are NSI Gold accredited


SAFE are a NSI Gold accredited security installation company, we design, install and maintain all manner of intruder alarm systems from residential grade 2 systems, to more complex grade 3 commercial & industrial systems throughout the UK

With over 20 years' experience within the security sector, we understand each sites specific needs and tailor our solutions to fit even the most demanding of environments.

Security and Fire Experts NSI Gold


Access Control is a technology soluition and alternative to using keys to secure an area or areas. It is used to restrict access to various areas of a building to only authorised personel.

There are various solutiuons available to achieve this, from stand alone products that are used on single doors to networked systems that trace who has been where, providing a full audit trail.


Net2 security Software on your PC by SAFE

Powerful software lets you control access rights, schedules and review events from a central location. The software can run from a centralised server and accessed from any client terminal by aurthourised users. Set up varying levels of software access, administrator can only issue new cards or fobs, security can view and control doors and view events.

The lite version of the software is supplies free of charge, or the Pro software is packed with advanced features like roll call and muster reporting, anti-passback, timesheets and timeline, fire alarm integration and much more.

iOS Apps provide the ability to open doors directly from your smartphone


With Pro software you can use the available iOS apps to provide various functions remotley, open doors directly from your smart phone, create and use a Roll Call and View details of staff if they are missing.

Update user information directly from an iOS device. Including the ability to upload an image from the device for the users profile.

The Timesheet iPhone app allows you to clock in and out using your iPhone. This is particularly useful if you regularly work out of the office. In addition, you can check your current status, review your previous hours, review your holiday allowance and even place requests for additional holiday.

Open and unlock doors directly from your phone roll call abilities from your iOS device Security reports available on your iPhone View time sheets from anywhere on your mobile device Check and edit users remotely


We offer a wide range of access peripherals that are reliable, secure and stylish, from proximity readers to keypads, or for more secure environments combined proximity and PIN keypads, or biometric readers.

Intelligent controllers allow new door locations to be added to your building anywhere with a network connection, systems can be expanded as and when required in a modular fashion and configured and controlled from on site or remote locations.

Security and Fire Experts provide top quality fob and card readers
Security door access and entry panels by Security and Fire Experts
Fire alarm roll call software linked to access control

Link With Fire Alarm

The access control system can be tied into your fire alarm system to create a roll call report, telling you who was inside the building when the fire alarm was triggered.

This is a valuable feature allowing you to identify exactly who is safe from harm once the building has been evacuated. Not only does this give you peace of mind but should anyone be unaccounted for, you can pass on this reliable information including the persons last known location, for the fire brigade to use upon their arrival.

Fire roll call software ensures safe egress from a building, complying with all fire regulations and ensuring optimum staff safety.

Knock Knock

Who's there? Hear and see exactly whos there with an intercom system that integrates directly into your access control system, and video hansets available as both wall and desk mount. The entry panels and handsets connect directly to the network for full control, audio and video over TCP IP.

Entry panels are available in various finish's and can be flush mounted for a sleek look, they are an ideal solution for appartments and office buildings, with minimal cabling required to provide a comprehensive solution.

Fob readers installed by SAFE's security division in the UK

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