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Security and Fire Experts NSI Gold


SAFE are a NSI Gold accredited security installation company, we design, install and maintain all manner of intruder alarm systems from residential grade 2 systems, to more complex grade 3 commercial & industrial systems throughout the UK

With over 20 years' experience within the security sector, we understand each sites specific needs and tailor our solutions to fit even the most demanding of environments.

Security and Fire Experts NSI Gold


We are continually evaluating the latest products on the market and aim to give you smarter solutions to intruder protection, all our new systems now include smartphone notifications of alarm events and full real time control from wherever you may be.

Get connected to a smarter solution,an intruder alarm system that simply connects to your WiFi for complete control, and total peace of mind that alarm events come direct to you.


Typical Alarm Layout by SAFE
CCTV viewable on your mobile device by Security and Fire Experts


High-tech monitoring services offer full connectivity, police response to an activated alarm and an industry approved system that could reduce your home/business insurance premiums.

Our systems connect easily to your home network via ethernet cable or Wi-Fi, allowing you to remotely take control of your own security using simple smartphone applications.

Stay confident and in control with remote access to home security cameras, push notifications of system events and diagnostic tools with which to easily monitor the programme's performance.

Control your home security from your phone


Our security systems contain the same core technology and design used in high-security banking, commercial and enterprise applications.

An adaptable design allows your security system to be continuously enhanced and expanded over time, evolving with your changing security needs and keeping up-to-date with the latest technological developments.

Security devices are available in both wired and wireless models, allowing for flexibility in security and design.


Every home is different and every family's requirements are unique. Our security systems are fully customisable to meet your individual needs.

Solutions include external sensing, perimeter protection, internal detection and communications. Available in both wired and wireless form, security solutions can be tailored to meet requirements ranging from individual properties to occupancies featuring multiple buildings.


Texecom wireless devices feature Ricochet® mesh technology, an award-winning signalling technology that extends wireless system range and automatically adapts to its environment.

Ricochet enabled systems have already revolutionised the commercial security industry and are now available in small-scale home protection systems. Ricochet mesh technology offers enhanced wireless performance, allowing for the protection of outbuildings and external spaces without the need for cables.

With SAFE security systems, you can protect your home inside and out.

wireless security from Manchester to London

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