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As a business owner, you will understand the importance of keeping everything running smoothly, the safety and wellbeing of your staff and the protection of your premises will be some of your top concerns.

With 9,149 fires in commercial buildings last year alone, it's becoming increasingly apparent that more needs to be done to help prevent the start and the spread of fires.


Alongside our top quality fire alarms and detection systems manufactured by leading names, we offer full and extensive training courses outlining the important things you should know and understand to protect your premises.

Our training courses for staff and business owners alike, to aid your understanding of fire awareness and what to do if a fire is to break out, helping you keep your business safe and sound.


Fire prevention training Manchester

Naturally, you want to protect your staff and premises from the risk of fire and its consequences - which is why staff training is vital to the protection of your employees, your property and all that it contains. In addition, as an employer, you're legally obliged to maintain a staff Fire Safety regime in accordance with the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005. Under this Order, you are required to provide and maintain such fire precautions as are necessary to safeguard those who use your workplace; you are also required to inform, instruct and train employees about the fire precautions in their workplace.

We believe in providing a professional standard of training to meet your business requirements, carried out by our fully trained and experienced engineers.

SAFE are fully qualified to run fire safety training courses, and we offer the following programmes

Basic / Fire Awareness Course

The course content comprises basic fire prevention, evacuation procedures, the chemistry of combustion, and practical fire-fighting on live fires. All delegates who complete the course will receive a certificate confirming attendance.

Security and Fire Experts fire training

This course is designed to help your staff acquire the skills and confidence they need to carry out their duties relating to fire safety and emergency procedures. By the end of the course, delegates will be aware of the dangers of fire, understand its nature and how it spreads. They'll also be able to carry out simple fire prevention measures and know what to do in the event of a fire alarm. Having learned about different types of fire extinguishers, delegates will be able to tackle small fires safely and effectively, whilst also being equipped to perform their fire safety duties in full.

Fire Warden / Fire Marshal Course

Designed for key staff who have been selected for fire warden duties or other enhanced fire safety responsibilities, this course covers everything included in the Fire Awareness Course, plus non-emergency and emergency responsibilities, performing a supervisory/managing role in any fire situation, and liasing with the emergency services on their arrival. The course also covers detailed knowledge of the fire safety strategy of the premises, with particular emphasis on understanding how fire alarm systems operate and how to formulate an emergency action plan. A certificate is provided to all delegates confirming their attendance.

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All our training courses are booked through IFEDA, you can book the course online from the IFEDA website here.

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